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Going through a divorce without good legal counsel can be disastrous. A good divorce attorney will inform a client of all their legal rights and represent the client’s best interest in court. An incompetent attorney can put a client at a disadvantage in a courtroom.

  • Look for lawyers who have specialized in divorce law. The most suitable place to find such professionals is in law firms that specialize in family law
  • Look for the attorney with the right qualifications. Experience is a significant factor when hiring a divorce lawyer. Find an attorney who has practiced divorce law for many years. Ensure that the potential divorce attorney has experience in the particular state one lives in.
  • Find a divorce lawyer with the specialty that suits the case. Divorce lawyers specialize in women’s rights, custody and father’s rights among others.read more information about women’s rights by visiting http://www.state.gov/s/gwi/
  • Ask the attorney if they have worked with the spouse’s attorney in the past. The divorce process can be easier if the two lawyers have worked together before.
  • Seek an attorney with a compatible personality. Like any other relationship, the success of the attorney-client relationship depends on how compatible the two are.
  • Choose an honest and firm attorney. Find a lawyer who is willing to tell clients things they may not want to hear. Attorneys who are tough and honest with their clients will generally act in the same way throughout the divorce proceedings.
  • Inquire about the cost of the service. Find out the cost of the whole service including retainer fee and how clients are billed.
  • Take caution with individuals who claim to be experts in divorce yet they do not have experience to back their claims.
  • If there are children involved, ask the attorney about their experience with custody disputes.
  • Those who are unable to afford filing fees of a private attorney can contact their legal aid office where they can get affordable representation. This is still a better option than self-representation.
  • Inquire if clients are charged for initial consultation before meeting an attorney.
  • It is important to know that a divorce lawyer’s fees schedule should be based on an hourly rate and not on the amount they get for their clients.

Orlando Lawyers

People filing for divorce should have certain questions that they should ask their potential attorneys. The most important question to ask relates to the lawyer’s experience. The more cases they have handled, the more confidence a client will have with them. A person should ask the lawyer how many divorce cases they have handled, what kind of divorces they have handled, how long they have been practicing law, whether they have trial experience and how many paralegals will be working on the case.read more information on kinds of divorces by clicking here

Another important factor to inquire about is cost. People filing for divorce are required to pay filing fees and court costs on top of the lawyer’s fees. Therefore, Clients should ask their attorneys if there are additional court costs. If the lawyer charges by the hour, a client should ask the hourly rate and the activities charged at that rate.

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